I attend TUUF traveling from the Forksville area. It's a bit far to drive, but I enjoy the opportunity to meet with welcoming friends who share a common love for humanity and a respect for each individual.

Ben Olena, retired teacher.

I was born and raised in and as a Jewish Family. In college I met my wife who was a member of the Church of Christ. After visiting many different Churches we found that they only one that was for us was the Unitarian Universalist. The UU denomination accepted us for who we are. I especially believe the first principle - The inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Paul Shapiro

I follow the path of Wicca, and am accepted with open arms at the TUUF, as is anyone else following their own path, whatever it may be.  As a Universalist Unitarian going to the Towanda UU Fellowship I feel I am among friends, and that there is an atmosphere of unconditional love and respect for each other and fellow beings in this universe.

Jean Spencer

I came to play the organ for a wedding and have stayed for four decades.  I go there  basically because of the whole concept of people not telling you what you should believe.